QuickTips™: What’s this billable thing about in QuickBooks®? by QuickBooks® Made Easy™

This month’s QuickBooks® Made Easy™ QuickTips™ is about explaining what the billable field is in QuickBooks® and when you would use it.

More specifically, It’s important for you folks who use customer jobs on bills and checks, but even if you don’t you still get to hear my voice! It’s like the sound of heaven.

This tip will work with all Editions of QuickBooks®, including the Online Edition!

What’s covered in this Month’s QuickTips™-What is the Billable field in QuickBooks®?

  1. What is that billable thingy on the Write Checks and Pay Bills windows all about?
  2. How to prevent the billable check box from showing up checked
  3. *Sorry can’t hide the column all the way, go have some RED wine!


*With the exception of QuickBooks online, when the setting is turned off in QuickBooks Online you do not see the column at all! My suggestion to you is still go have some wine!


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