QuickTips™: Accounts Payable Issues in QuickBooks® by QuickBooks® Made Easy™

This month’s QuickBooks® Made Easy™ QuickTips™ is all about Accounts Payable issues. More specifically, when QuickBooks lists outstanding bills that you know they have already been paid! This tip will work with all Editions of QuickBooks®.
Do you know how to fix that paid bill from a year ago that you know has been paid? No? This most likely means that you did something wrong when you entered the payment into QuickBooks; unless of course you didn’t pay it all and just “wish” really badly that it had been paid. If that’s the case, simply declare bankruptcy, empty the bank account and leave the country – problem solved! But if you really did pay the bill, listen to this month’s QuickTip and become the QuickBooks superhero in your office! (FYI: You may need to tell everyone the great thing you did since more than likely no else in your office knows, or cares, about QuickBooks.)

What’s covered in this Month’s QuickTips™-Accounts Payable Issues in QuickBooks

  1. Your Unpaid Bills Detail report is so not correct
  2. Many will have outstanding bills here that have already been paid
  3. Even if you don’t typically use the enter bills feature, many times someone else before you came along entered a bill and didn’t pay it properly so you may still have bills listed which can really screw up your books. (TIP: Always blame former employees for QuickBooks issues! “Oh, that was before I took over the books”. )
  4. In this tip we cover:
    • Why this problem occurs
    • How to avoid making this mistake to begin with
    • And how to fix the mistake after it has been made
    • Advice on dating people with red hair…oh wait… wrong newsletter!
  5. I school you on the RIGHT WAT to enter bills!
  6. But first, I show you the WRONG WAY -Warning Messages? Who has time to read warning messages? Not us! We just like to click on pretty blue buttons!!

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