Nonprofit Consulting

If you have questions about your accounts, or just want someone to give them a thorough review, we've got you covered! We offer a variety of services to help you and your company get the most out of QuickBooks! (Coupon Codes not valid for Nonprofit Services)


We will do a quick review of your QuickBooks file, and provide you with a list of specific items that need to be corrected or adjusted in your books that once completed will ensure your books are clean and ready.


Have you inherited a messy set of books? We will meet with your team virtually for an hour to learn what you feel are the pain points of your QuickBooks file, as well as what leadership would like to get out of QuickBooks.


Just getting started? If your organization wants to set things up right the first time, we will create a beginning QuickBooks File for you including the necessary accounts, classes (programs), items (products/services in QBO).


If you've been using QuickBooks desktop for years, but are ready to move to QuickBooks online, let us take the guesswork out of the process! We will handle the migration from start to finish, including a 30 minute training session!


If you're using a donor database, and want to map it to QuickBooks, we've got you covered. We will dial in to your computer and guide you through the mapping required so that transactions will appear in QuickBooks correctly.


Do you want to start using QuickBooks but have too much information in another program? Let us help you import all of that information quickly, seamlessly, and completely, and provide you with a quick overview of how to utilize new capabilities.

All courses receive a discount for tech support!

When purchasing any on-demand course, get 3 months of Tech Support for Nonprofits for only $100!

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