QuickTips™:Customizing the Icon Bar- by QuickBooks® Made Easy™

This month’s QuickBooks® Made Easy™ QuickTips™ helps you get organized with Customizing the Icon Bar. This tip will work with all Editions of QuickBooks® with the exception of the Online Edition (Sorry Folks! Your day will come soon I promise!)

Bet you didn’t know you can customize the Icons in your icon bar did you? Well this month I walk you through how to set up your Icon bar with customized Titles and Descriptions! Heck, you can even create an Invoice with a Hippo if you like…yes, a Hippo…..guess you will just have to watch this month’s QuickTips™ to find out what I am talking about!

What’s covered in this Month’s QuickTips:

  1. Deleting Icons
  2. Adding Icons
  3. Editing Icon Title & Description
  4. Organizing Icons
  5. Seeing how awesome Gregg is!!!



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