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Grant Station LIVE Workshop: Tracking In-Kind Contributions in QuickBooks (ONLINE Version)

August 17 2:00 pm

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What: LIVE Workshop: Tracking In-Kind Contributions in QuickBooks (ONLINE Version)

Do you get in-kind contributions of stuff (computers, furniture, food, clothing, household items for clients, auction items, etc…)? What about services (IT help, advertising, graphic design, professional services, rent, etc….)? In-kind gifts are an important way nonprofits receive support from donors and are REQUIRED to be booked by nonprofits. More than that, they can frequently count towards meeting the matching requirements of traditional grants and when booked more accurately reflect the true cost of running your nonprofit. Figuring out what can be booked, how to value them, and how to get them into your QuickBooks file can be challenging.

If you receive in-kind donations of either stuff or services, then this webinar is for you! We are very excited to have Gregg Bossen, a CPA specializing in nonprofits and president of QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits, deliver one of his most popular webinars exclusively for us!

In this webinar, we will first explore everything you ever wanted to know about in-kind gifts but didn’t know who to ask. Topics include:

  • What kinds of goods and services received can I book as in-kind gifts?
  • What are the rules for when I can book services received?
  • How do I determine the value I book?
  • How do I book these things in QuickBooks?
  • What am I required to report to the donor?

Don’t miss this opportunity. You will be VERY glad you came!

When:  Tuesday, August 17th
2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. EDT (11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. PDT)

[email protected]

Price: $89
All Participants will receive log-in information prior to the webinar!

CPAs earn 1.5 hours of CPE credit for the live workshop.

*This training is for users of the Online version of QuickBooks*