Gregg S. Bossen CPA, the author

Gregg is a practicing CPA with a full-service accounting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

After graduating college from Emory University in 1987, he began his career at KPMG Peat Marwick. In 1989, Gregg started his own firm that currently supports more than 550 clients.

His firm specializes in tax and accounting for small businesses. Most of his clients are small business owners who use QuickBooks®.

Since 2000, Gregg has been teaching QuickBooks® seminars around the country for various groups and is considered to be an expert in the program. He has taught both new users as well as other CPAs, who are themselves considered experts in the software.

Gregg is an Advanced certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor.

Annually, Gregg teaches for Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks®, during the QuickBooks® Accountant’s Update Seminar given around the country. The seminar’s purpose is to teach accountants the new features available in the latest version of QuickBooks®. In total, Gregg has taught over 1500 seminars to more than 35,000 students.

Presently, Gregg is teaching a live seminar designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations around the country.

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QuickBooks® Made Easy™

QuickBooks Made Easy is a collection of interactive industry-specific nonprofit trainings. Unlike most QuickBooks® training products, which are generic and lack industry specificity, QuickBooks® Made Easy™ is uniquely designed to teach you how to set up and enter transactions common for your industry.

With each topic, Gregg will explain not only what the best method is, but he will also explain why he adopts a particular method over another. Next, he will demonstrate the technique, using the QuickBooks® screens as he types and clicks his way through each step. You may follow along in the handbook, if you wish. He even tells you when to turn the pages.

It is just like being in the live class but better: you are the only student!

These training lessons are designed for users of QuickBooks® who have not had a lot training with the software. If you are completely new to QuickBooks®, you will find these QuickBooks® products to be the perfect way to learn. If you have been using the program for a while with no training, you will find these invaluable.

It will clear up many questions you have had about how to enter industry specific transactions more efficiently and how to get the reports you have always wanted but struggled to find.

These training lessons are quick, usually 5-8 hours long, yet comprehensive, for your specific industry. This is possible because these lessons teach you only what you need to know for your Nonprofit, House of Worship, Contractor Office, or business.

For example, preparing estimates is taught in the QuickBooks® Made Easy™ for Contractors product but not in the QuickBooks® Made Easy™ for Nonprofits product—because Nonprofits do not need it! Best of all, these products are unusually entertaining for nonprofit training!

We even made it funny at times! Why, you may ask? Why not!

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"Gregg is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. He also makes it interesting and funny. A pleasure."

- Claire R.

"Gregg was entertaining clear very knowledgeable and clearly excited about these topics. I look forward to future seminars and possible tech support!"

- Maggie S.

"Method of teaching kept the class interesting!"

- PAM w.

"Good job balancing the special needs of individuals while balancing the needs of the whole."

- William b.

"The right balance of jokes! Did really well at answering everyone's questions/discussions and advise."

- Vickie A.